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 Good looks and secure ventilation

The way a window is designed to open is a part of its character as well as its function

Definition: A Tilt & Turn window is a sash which opens inwards in 2 ways
– the whole of the window opens inwards for easy cleaning or choose to
tilt the window inwards from the top to allow for secure ventilation.

This style of window is extremely popular, particularly in Scotland, and offers a combination of good looks, coupled with the practical benefits of ventilation and the ability to clean the exterior glass from indoors – especially good for use in apartments or where access to upstairs windows for cleaning is limited. Our Tilt & Turn windows are available in a choice of bevelled or sculptured systems and a range of foiled colours.

Definition: A Vertical Slider or Sash Window features 2 sashes which slide past
each other and also tilt inwards for ventilation. This style was originally found
in properties dating from the Georgian period, right through to the 1920s.
Our Vertical Slider system combines classic style with modern benefits.
Vertical Sliders perfectly complement period properties, but beneath the surface
they have been brought bang-up-to-date with the kind of advanced technology VEKA is known for worldwide.

Sash horns can be added to this popular
window style for a more traditional appearance
and are available in either clip in or run-
through options, your installer will be able
to help you choose what will best complement
your property.
Don’t forget that whilst Vertical Sliders are
commonly associated with period properties,
they also look great on newer homes – adding
a touch of class and allowing your individuality
to shine through.

The opening sash on a Fully Reversible Window can be turned completely inside out so that the outside pane of glass is on the inside – without intruding on interior ornaments or blinds….

 Our Fully Reversible system is particularly popular
in high rise homes and buildings as it offers the opportunity to easily clean the exterior surface of the glass from the comfort of your own home. The Fully
Reversible mechanism is simple to use and also allows for varying degrees of ventilation as required. Remember, whilst this window is all about practicality, it also adds great character.

 A Casement window is one where all or part of a window opens outwards – this opening area is known as the sash. There are several variations of Casement window. Our casement windows are available in a choice of the bevelled, angular Matrix 70 system or the Fully Sculptured system which has a softer, more rounded appearance – the choice is yours.
Key Features
  • Top Light
    Hinges run across the top of the
    sash and a small area at the top
    opens outwards – this is known
    as a Top Light.
  • Side Hung
    If the window hinges run vertically
    down the side so the full sash
    opens from one side this is known
    as a Side Hung.
  • Top Hung
    Similar to a Top Light but with the
    entire sash opening outwards –
    this is known as a Top Hung.